Monday, September 26, 2011


I recently stumbled on to this new fabulous makeup site called " the body needs 2". The reason I found this site was through some tedious web-browsing in my search to find MAC sample pigments at a reasonable price. I happily found both these things there! They have a plethora o'MAC samples from various collections as well as permanent and to my surprise PRO items too! The site also caters to their own bunch of pigments and gloss...(I will have an extensive blog on this up shortly) I enjoyed my shopping experience as well as what I got out of it...excludimg the MAC PRO COLORS!
My issue(s) is not with the site at all... My problem is with the 5/6 colors(I ordered) MAC launched that are pro neon colors. I ordered Green Space, NEO-Orange, Magenta Madness, Red Electric, and Rock-it Yellow. These are all bright vivid highly pigmented colors, which is what we've all come to love from MAC...but these colors are neither eye safe nor are they easy to apply. I have found it nearly impossible to obtain NEON colors without having to order from an outside source (like Sleek's Acid Palette). Or I run the risk of not being allowed to wear the color in the area I would like. I know the pigments can be used elsewhere, (and I'm glad I bought a SAMPLE! ) BUT I WANT THEM FOR THE EYE QUALITY!MAC is known for long-lasting high quality makeup that everyone loves. I just think that those pigments were a waste of MAKEUP experimentation. Some alternate eye-safe options should be thrown into the limelight so we can get the best color payoff possible from such a highly regarded company....but oh well they launch collections like thief going out of fashion...maybe there's a neon eye-safe collection on the horizon.
Thanks for listening to the rant guys...thoughts and opinions are always welcomed :)

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