Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Contest Time!

Hey guys its time for a contest! Its my first official contest so I'm really excited about it! Its going to be linked through my new twitter account and announced on beautylish as well.

The Rules:
You MUST follow my blog!
You MUST follow my twitter! makemeuparianna
Contest is not international!
If your under 15 you need parent permission (since ill be sending stuff to you)
On my twitter you need to tweet me what your favorite makeup product is.

December 20, 2011

Since this is my new twitter I think a contest is the perfect way to gain followers and make new friends in the beauty community!

The Prizes!:
3 NYX Round Lipglosses
2 Milani Blushes
1 goodiebag (you can make suggestions on what you want in it)

Good luck guys! Comment below for gb suggestions!


  1. I think some more NYX products would be great for the goodie bag! Anything is good really lol

  2. I was thinking of some eyeshadows from nyx I really like them! Or the jumbo pencils! Everybody likes those things! :)

  3. Hey chica! Those are some awesome prizes, I love all of the choices you made for the giveaway!

    Maybe some NYX eyeshadows and pigments would be nice for the goodie bag. Ulta is having a buy one get one 50% off sale on their NYX products right now :)

    Maybe some nail polish too (though i'm not sure if you can ship nail polish)

    good luck with the contest! :)

  4. thanks Jessica! its always so difficult to pick prizes for random grab bag dealies...I never know what to get or I'm afraid someone is going to dislike it..:/ but thanks I love me some NYX girl!! and I just got a new Ulta by my house...and am single handedly keeping it in buisness!

  5. love this giveaway. i would love to see some nyx eyeshadows or pigments in the goodie bag.

  6. Im excited!! I just followed your blog, entered on twitter and followed you on twitter! Do you have to comment here too to enter? I think you should put in some NYX eyeliners or jumbo eye pencils. EOS gifts would also be cool too! Hope I have a good chance of winning because NYX is my favorite! Good luck beauties~!

  7. YAY I am entered! I love your blog! I love this giveaway also hehe.

    Now about that goodie bag... I love surprises!