Saturday, November 5, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes

hello lovelies! I did a look today that I've been wanting to do for a while. It's more or less a peacock inspired look using GLAMOURDOLLEYES! I've ordered twice from them and love every bit of what I received!! For this look I used the following:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Jordana Eye Liner in Blue
Sephora Waterproff Creme Eyeliner in Must Have
GDE: Melancholy(bright blue), Electric Lemonade (bright yellow), Urban Trash (matte black), Immature (tealed green)
GDE have some of the most unique and original colors that you'll ever find. I highly suggest going and looking them up!

I purchased multiple pigments from them in the two orders that I made along with the orders all include 2/3 samples (free of charge). Also they come with the cutest packaging and a brochure on ways to become sponsored by them through YouTube,Twitter,Blogging ect...They seriously are one of those companies that you order from and go an tell your friends about! I emailed the owner Vee to say Thanks and rave about the site, and literally the next day I had an e-mail back saying your welcome! I love that their customer service is so good too!!! If you've never heard of GDE then you need to hop on a computer google it, go on YouTube, do whatever its a company to look out for!!
twitter: glamourdolleyes


  1. I've never heard pf them, but I'm definitely placing an order soon! =D

  2. Beautiful colors!! I may have to try that!

  3. I love those colors! So pretty :)

  4. I love the blue and green!
    Oh btw, I found you from Beautylish. :)

  5. How cute :)

  6. Hello dear!
    Wow, this makeup is wonderful, try to do the same! Doll eyes really!

    Your blog is beautiful and I'm following! I would like you to meet my makeup blog, comment and follow too too!

    Oh, I'm from Brazil!

    Make me very happy! *.*

    Kisses and success!